Pick the SESSION that best suits your party




Perfect for those who are new to the world of Table Top Role Playing Games and need a guide through the thicket of rules and numbers and gameplay. Jump right into the game with pre-generated characters to keep things simple after a quick walk-through of the rules and gameplay. After that, it's up to you to stay alive. 


intermediate session

Have you already thrown a Firebolt? Has your +1 Great Axe already tasted the sweet nectar of combat? Well there aren't any slow and trusting townsfolk or easy fights down this path. Gather your seasoned team and get ready to fight the good fight, stand where others have fallen and brace yourselves; This wont be easy.


special event SESSION

You don’t need a reason to play; but maybe you already have one!
Birthday Party? Team Building Exercise? Bachelor Party? Fun surprise Event?
Getting together with old friends?
Holiday Party? Games can be tailored to fit your needs or any neat idea you might have for any situation or event!

Unbox. Gear up. Start your adventure.


Ready to play but not sure where to start? Want to get your own game going but need someone to help you get the ball rolling? Maybe you just want to try out this game you saw on Stranger Things, The Big Bang Theory, Community, or countless other pop culture staples that have referenced it and now you want to get in on the action.

The BEGINNER SESSION is 4 hours long and designed for 3/4+ players with little to no table top role playing experience. The SESSION will include detailed explanation of the rules, concepts and world that you will be playing in. Pre-generated Character sheets will be available to chose from in order to simplify the process and to ensure you get the most play time out of the session. Several beginner level sessions are available to choose from but at request the Official 'STARTER SET" can be added (+$25), unboxed, walked though and yours to keep at the end of the session.


Dust off those dice, a hero is needed.


The INTERMEDIATE SESSION is primarily focused for groups with some to moderate experience playing Table Top Role Playing Games or want to jump into the genre; on fire and screaming. Several unique 'One Shot' adventures are available to test your teamwork, problem solving and luck in possibly deadly situations. 

These SESSIONs are 4 hours long and designed for 3-6 players with moderate experience with table top and/or role playing games. The SESSION will jump right into the adventure without holding back. Pre-generated Character sheets in a variety of flavors will be available HOWEVER you may wish to come ready with a Level 5 character of your own. Please use only Officially published Race, Classes, and basic gear when creating your character. 


The party is about to start; Roll for initiative.


The SPECIAL EVENT SESSIONs are one shot adventures wrapped around whatever special event you need them to be. Birthday party? Let us know how to make it special. Team building exercise? We’ll lean heavy on the problem solving and social encounters. Holiday Party? We’ll make it the spookiest Halloween or merriest winter holiday themed D&D game we can. Maybe you’ll go up against a Gingerbread Dragon the night before Frostvale. Maybe the real key to the dungeon was teamwork and co-operation!

Let’s party with your party!

These SESSIONs are designed to typically be 4 hours long with 3-4 players with moderate experience with table top and/or role playing games. However we can adjust things to keep the party going or make it bigger by adding more players. We try to make each SPECIAL EVENT SESSION best fit with the theme or event and will work with you to ensure it does and that everyone will remember it.